Russe d'or

Methodology of Russian course - Complete solution.


This project proposal of the Complete Russian language Course is specially designed for the Tourism and Service Sectors.
It is intended to meet the requirements of your organization as a follow up to the beginner to advanced courses.


The course content is a combined program which will allow the maximizing of  the effectiveness of the learning process with the teacher and the practical sessions using the Russe d’Or solution.


Our method is designed and compiled for French students who wish to study the Russian language. The Russe d’Or solution allows each student to reinforce the language through oral and vocabulary exercises.


This turnkey training will facilitate the continuous Russian learning training in your organisation.


Our training program consists of 2 to 3 levels of 40 to 60 hours each. Our training schedule is based on one coaching session animated by one of our teachers and one practical session using our solution.


Each course includes one handout and free access to the Russe d’Or solution per trainee.


The satisfactory achievement of the candidates depends on the regular and prompt attendance of the participants. Management should therefore ensure their presence at each session of the course and avoid penalization of those regular participants in progress.