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Methodology of Mandarin course- Complete solution
Chinese Phonetics is very important , one of the teaching material series named Chinese phonetics basis. It is designed and compiled for beginners who wish to study the Chinese Language.
Chinese is a language with tones. It is difficult for most of foreign students to master its pronunciation, so teachers who teach Chinese to foreign students pay much attention to the teaching of Pronunciation. They understand that  the difficulties which students from different countries have in learning are not the same, and studying them and finding ways to overcome them will help students to improve their studies, therefore the method Chinese Phonetics is written. In order to increase the interest in learning the pronunciation, Chinese Phonetics uses the method of learning the pronunciation through speaking. 
For the purpose of helping the learners to obtain a standard pronunciation of the language, Chinese Phonetics stresses the imitation of pronunciation and its exercises facilitates the training of difficult pronunciations and tones. 

CP solution is prepared by a group of experts invited by the Development Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language under the Ministry of Education of P.R.China.
Our method consists of various levels including approaching Chinese;  Chinese Phonetics, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for tourism and commercial sector and Chinese for Business.
The first two levels are meant for beginners, the third caters for intermediate learners and the last targets intermediate + / advanced users.
This course content is intended for zero level learners of Chinese whose native language is not Chinese.
The course consists of three parts; Chinese Phonetics , containing 10 lessons and approaching Chinese beginner  and intermediate  levels for 10 lessons and additional 5 lessons for advanced level.
This course will help the learner to have a glimpse of Modern Chinese Culture and helps to recognize terms used in daily and business life.