FAQs - for Rosetta Stone Advantage

1. Which languages are available on ROSETTA STONE® ?

French, English US, English UK, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese , Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, etc. ROSETTA STONE® provides 30 languages. 



2. On which Operating System will ROSETTA STONE® ADVANTAGE work ?

The online solution works with MAC v10.3 or later, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 with 32/64 bits, and recent versions of Linux.



3. What is the system requirements  for ROSETTA STONE® ADVANTAGE?

The system requirements can be accessed by filling in the form here.



4. Can we try Tell Me More before purchase?
Yes, you have a 7-day trial which can be accessed here.



5. Can we monitor our progress ?
Not only, do you have access  to the results for each of your activity but you can  also carry out a placement test at the very beginning to test your level and then a progression test later after having gone through various lessons to witness your progress. Furthermore a detailed report of your activities is also sent you.



6. When I launch the ROSETTA STONE® ADVANTAGE Site, the microphone activation screen appears blank.

You must allow the ROSETTA STONE® ADVANTAGE site to use your microphone. Click here for a step by step technical guide.



7. Why my voice cannot be recognized?

Verify that the headset or microphone is correctly plugged in the computer. Please read the technical details here.